Virender Sehwag feels one day cricket has not lost its relevance yet

  •   Virender Sehwag thinks Test and ODI cricket will have its glory no matter how much the influence of T20 cricket grows.
  •   Over the past decade, T20 Cricket has spread its influence on the entire cricketing world. Due to this growing influence of T20 Cricket, many cricket experts and former cricketers have been worried about the future of Test and ODI cricket for a long time. In particular, many have asked for ODI cricket to be gradually stopped completely or to reduce the number of overs. In this situation, former cricketer Virender Sehwag came down on this issue. According to him, T20 Cricket can never be the future of cricket. Test and ODI cricket will continue to exist in the days to come.
  •    Recently, there has not been much presence of spectators in the places where ODI cricket has been played. In the recently concluded T20 World Cup, the crowd of spectators was eye-catching in every match. But in the three-match one-day cricket series between Australia and England, which started immediately after the T20 World Cup, there was very little audience.
Virender Sehwag feels one day cricket has not lost its relevance yet
Virender Sehwag
  •   Although, Sehwag is not willing to give much importance to this matter. He thinks that these two formats will remain forever for the sake of cricket. The 44-year-old former Indian cricketer, who himself has scored 8,273 ODI Runs & 8,536 Test runs felt that since the International Cricket Council (ICC) had regularly given place to Test and ODI cricket in their annual calendar, there is nothing to worry about the future of Test and ODI cricket right now.
  •   He also accepted that cricket has progressed a lot because of T20 Cricket. Since the arrival of T20 Cricket, the number of franchise leagues around the world has gradually started to increase. He did not hesitate to accept that many cricketers who are not playing international cricket for their countries are being financially secured because of these leagues.
  •   Sehwag is also optimistic about the success of the upcoming UAE T20 League, which is about to start in 2023. It will be a 34-match tournament and 6 teams will participate in it.

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